We believe that sustainability does not have to be expensive and we are trying to ensure that without cutting any corners.

Sustainability and Affordability somehow don't get along or so we've seen.

We want to be able to change that - by not charging extremely high prices to make profits. The prices you see for our products include all our costs and what we make after that, which will help us in improving our processes and investing in better raw materials and technologies. 

Why are we committed to this? Because we've all been been swept by a wave to buy more, have more at cheaper and cheaper prices. If this continues we will have more waste than ever before that hurts the planet, us and the future generations, which is alarming. We want to be able to go back to the days where it was quality > quantity and long lasting clothes > 1-2 wear clothes.

It is really important for us to acknowledge that affordability is very subjective and rightly so. While we make a commitment to offer you the best prices by being fair to everyone in the supply chain (including us), you might not think the prices are valid. And that's okay. 

Irrespective of you buying from us or not - we just request that you educate yourself on this topic or follow us on insta, where we'll be doing our best to help everyone understand more on ethical & sustainable fashion. If and when you're ready to explore responsible fashion, we'll more than happy to start that journey with you :)