Our Story

The lack of well-made clothing in sustainable fabrics that not only look good but also feel good lead to Popea.

We are a responsible womenswear brand born out of the need to provide fashionable but ethical & responsible clothing to women without breaking their bank account.

Here are the 3 core values that form our name and define us

Popular: We design pieces that are fashion-forward but made well using sustainable fabrics and an ethical process. Our pieces are made by tweaking what is trendy, so it becomes a piece you can keep wearing even when the trend wears off. We also produce very limited pieces and usually do not restock pieces once they are sold out. This ensures that what you own remains unique.

Ethical: We care about the people who make our clothes, the people who buy them, and the planet. While sustainability is the core of Popea, we want to focus on being a more ethical (transparent, true, doing right) and responsible brand. As a company, you can trust us to do right by everyone while working towards not harming mother earth.

Affordable: So far sustainability has been pretty classist -- meaning only a select few can afford it. We want to change that and price our products right. While it would never be as cheap as a fast fashion brand, we hope to maintain mid-range prices for all our pieces and be mindful to ensure that a sustainable, ethical piece is something at least 60% of women can afford.

While our core focus is on being sustainable, we focus on being a responsible brand a lot more - checking and asking ourselves at every stage how it impacts all those who are involved in the process of fiber to garment - including you.

We don’t know/have the answers to everything ethical & sustainable but we strongly believe we can make an impact & are excited to learn + grow. We started Popea for us and you, so join us in our journey and let’s take one step at a time - Together.