We chose Ethical as a core value so we can imbibe it within all our processes, including packaging. While we've not found a 100% perfect solution to our packaging needs to be fully sustainable, here's where we are right now.

The Box

The e-commerce box in which we deliver your garments in made out of 100% Recycled Kraft Paper. Our Kraft paper is sourced from a company in India that is FSC and RoHS complaint.

The Ink used to print on the box is food grade ink that is RoHS complaint and sourced from a reputed company known for its sustainability efforts.

We know these sources as we went a step ahead and asked our box manufacturer to give us a declaration of the raw materials that were sourced & used. Hence, we have the info we need to say all of the above :)

Lastly, we seal the deal with Kraft shipping labels and paper tape sourced within India.

Inside your Box

While most of our garments will be packed individually in recycled plastic bags to lessen any anticipated shipping damages, you'll see all your garments are wrapped in a tissue along with a label to seal it. The paper used to make the tissue is sourced from India, is FSC certified and printed with soy ink.

The label that seals the tissue is made from regular sticker paper and printed with RoHs compliant ink. While the stickers used are not fully sustainable, we are glad to have partnered with a small, woman owned business in India.

Lastly, most of the paper goods inside the box can be re-used! Once you get the package, you'll know how :)

We are always looking for ways improve our packing without creating additional waste. This is a start for us and we'll journey together with you as we look for better and more feasible solutions. If you have any suggestions - we are all ears. Drop us an email at care@shoppopea.com