Our responsibility is towards you, the people who make your clothes and of course the environment.

When we say we are responsible to you, we mean we are accountable to you. When you choose to shop with us, you make a decision to trust our brand and our offerings - we respect that. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that we serve you by being transparent, open about everything and making sure we make garments that claim all that we’ve mentioned on our website.

When we say we are responsible to the people who make your clothes, we mean that we take it on us to be able to research and partner with good factories that care for its employees, treat them right, pay them right and ensure a safe livelihood. We take it on ourselves to produce better and lesser so that the people making your clothes are not pressured. We also take it on our shoulders to be able to partner with local craftsmen/ artists and ensure they are paid what they deserve and not make cuts in the name of lowering our prices. 

When we say we are responsible for the environment, we mean we do not want to add any more waste or deteriorate the planet any more than it already is. This is a tall goal, but we are committed to it. We want to research and use better materials, processes and methods, that's ultimately better for all of us.